I’ve finally decided that I need a place on the internet that I have full control of and that showcases the things I get up to.

At the moment, all my projects and art and thoughts and ideas are spread out over a variety of social medias(1) which I have very little control over. So having a place which collates it all and where I can point people to when they ask the what do you do then? question will be of use to me.

But mostly, this is going to be a place where I can start to build my empire from. You see, I have this Five Year Plan which involves moving to a nearby city and getting a dog(2) and running a home-based business. I have all of the skills I need, I just need the time to create and build and develop and grow(3) and this site is going to help me do that.

I’d love it if this was something you could get behind. The act of making myself more public is a way for me to be responsible with my time and effort and use the visitors that stumble upon this site as a way of helping me get on with getting on. I just don’t want to let you down.

Thanks for your time.

(1) Also, social media is bad and I have recently felt its effects upon my mental health. Less social media and more social needia. am i rite?

(2) In my head it’s a Great Dane, but any hound will do.

(3) I’m not one of those people that has a particular style and pumps out all the same themed artwork. The joy of design for me is the exploration of ideas and the problem solving.

Duncan McKean

Duncan McKean

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