Sparkwood and 21: November Update

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Sparkwood and 21

As you are probably aware, Sparkwood and 21 is not only a location in Twin Peaks where Laura Palmer was last seen alive, but also the name of my creative studio. It’s been through a lot of iterations and its current form (after moving from Amsterdam to Bristol to Bath) is exploring 3D abstract art, motion graphics and how sound can affect visualisations.

Sparkwood and 21

Blender 3D

I taught myself Blender 3D by creating a piece of art every single day for 100 days and ever since I’ve loved the software, the potential it has and the community of technical and creative people that surround it. I have even added it to my workflow as another graphic design service I offer people and it complements my skill set incredibly well. But when it comes to Sparkwood and 21 I am using it as one of the exploration tools to create 3D abstract art (still and moving) which I will then create art prints to sell and a whole bunch of moving images that ought to showcase what I can do.

Sound and Graphics

I’m also interesting in the way that music and sounds can affect graphics and visuals (which is where all the Python and Swift… and soon Processing learning should come in useful) and so, after a bit of learning, I should be able to create weird generative abstract art to music. Which is gonna be useful for providing videos for my other side project Skinny Feels.

skinny feels - official soundtrack

What’s Next?

What I would like out of this year long exploration throughout 2019 is a whole bunch of interesting art and graphics and motion that I could show at a gallery somewhere, support my graphic design / product design skill set and have a visual showreel that I can use to get more and similar work. The studio will also provide a great environment for collaboration with various other artists and musicians and developers and focus my 3D-based output so its signal will not get lost amongst the noise.

Go take a look at Sparkwood and 21 and see what we’re currently up to.

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