SLAB Laptop Tray

I needed a laptop tray so I could do creative work whilst sitting on the sofa watching Twin Peaks: The Return. I designed, prototyped and built it. I call it THE SLAB!

The SLAB Laptop Tray has holes to aid cooling and movement of air. There’s a space for a mouse, notepad, drawing tablet, cup of coffee, or something else. There’s a slot that can hold a phone or an iPad. It’s pretty sturdy, finished in lovely-smelling wax and a carry handle.

Other people were interested in having their own versions of the SLAB Laptop Tray  and so I designed and tweaked a version suitable for being cost-effective to manufacture in small runs and allowed personality to be added to it in the form of a central layer of coloured plastic. With my manufacturing partner we built a bunch and set them up for sale in the bricks-and-mortar shop in Bristol where they sold out pretty quick.