Futureproofing portfolio

Good morning. And welcome to the 2019 updated version of this blog. I’ve decided to go full WordPress at duncanmckean.com so I can get the benefits of their new Gutenberg block thing.

Basically, as well, is that I want to future proof this site and make sure that it’s fast, neat and styled for the now. So it’ll look like this until they come out with a new theme. Probably.

The downside to this is that my portfolio no longer works and so I’m working through my old work and adding it here in a suitable and fitting way.

Skinny Feels Art Direction

One of the things I get up to when I can’t sleep is to make music. It traditionally started out with me trying to make retro goth music and has now currently evolved into creating soundtracks for films that don’t exist.

I love this, it gives me a theme to hang my music together and it also gives me opportunities to try different styles. Both musically and visually. The initial release has a few teething issues with mixing older work with newer work and having, what was in essence, a dull theme.

For the soundtrack I’m currently working on, there’s a whole theme around British folk history, nostalgia and darkness. And so here are some of the images I’ve been creating to help me get the mood right.

Sparkwood and 21: November Update

Sparkwood and 21

As you are probably aware, Sparkwood and 21 is not only a location in Twin Peaks where Laura Palmer was last seen alive, but also the name of my indie game development studio. It’s been through a lot of iterations and its current form (after moving from Amsterdam to Bristol to Bath) is making small, beautiful games.

Sparkwood and 21

Blender 3D

I taught myself Blender 3D by creating a piece of art every single day for 100 days and ever since I’ve loved the software, the potential it has and the community of technical and creative people that surround it. I have even added it to my workflow as another graphic design service I offer people and it complements my skill set incredibly well. But when it comes to Sparkwood and 21 I am using it as one of the tools to help with creating video games. Along with Godot, Piskel, Krita and occasionally Unreal Engine.

What’s Next?

What I would like out of this year long exploration throughout 2019 is two side scrolling-platform games that my children can play that don’t have any loot boxes, adverts, weird tracking and annoying interruptions.

Go take a look at Sparkwood and 21 and see what we’re currently up to.