Futureproofing portfolio

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Good morning. And welcome to the 2019 updated version of this blog. I’ve decided to go full WordPress at duncanmckean.com so I can get the benefits of their new Gutenberg block thing.

Basically, as well, is that I want to future proof this site and make sure that it’s fast, neat and styled for the now. So it’ll look like this until they come out with a new theme. Probably.

The downside to this is that my portfolio no longer works and so I’m working through my old work and adding it here in a suitable and fitting way.


By Portfolio

I sketched a quick Xenomorph on my tablet. It’s now a print available over on my store and there’s one large laser cut version (which has now been sold). There are five smaller ones available to purchase. I’ve engraved them onto 100 year old oak up cycled from ancient pews from a Somerset church. Tweet me if you want one.

I like your hair.