Art Prints and More…

Hello! I made stuff. Please buy it. So I can keep making stuff! Thanks.
Stuff that I be creatin’

Occasionally, when I have time between projects, or during projects when I have created various bits and bobs that don’t fit anywhere else, I turn them into art prints and stick them up on Redbubble.

You’d be surprised, people buy them. Not many, but enough to keep me in internet domains.

Go visit via:

Futureproofing portfolio

Good morning. And welcome to the 2019 updated version of this blog. I’ve decided to go full WordPress at so I can get the benefits of their new Gutenberg block thing.

Basically, as well, is that I want to future proof this site and make sure that it’s fast, neat and styled for the now. So it’ll look like this until they come out with a new theme. Probably.

The downside to this is that my portfolio no longer works and so I’m working through my old work and adding it here in a suitable and fitting way.