Sparkwood and 21

Sparkwood and 21: November Update

By Game Development

Sparkwood and 21

As you are probably aware, Sparkwood and 21 is not only a location in Twin Peaks where Laura Palmer was last seen alive, but also the name of my indie game development studio. It’s been through a lot of iterations and its current form (after moving from Amsterdam to Bristol to Bath) is making small, beautiful games.

Sparkwood and 21

Blender 3D

I taught myself Blender 3D by creating a piece of art every single day for 100 days and ever since I’ve loved the software, the potential it has and the community of technical and creative people that surround it. I have even added it to my workflow as another graphic design service I offer people and it complements my skill set incredibly well. But when it comes to Sparkwood and 21 I am using it as one of the tools to help with creating video games. Along with Godot, Piskel, Krita and occasionally Unreal Engine.

What’s Next?

What I would like out of this year long exploration throughout 2019 is two side scrolling-platform games that my children can play that don’t have any loot boxes, adverts, weird tracking and annoying interruptions.

Go take a look at Sparkwood and 21 and see what we’re currently up to.

I like your hair.