sonic pi exploration three

exploration three

By code, Music

This is a Sonic Pi song.

It looks like this:

use_synth :hollow
with_fx :reverb, mix: 0.7 do
live_loop :low do
sample :ambi_dark_woosh
play 42
sleep 7
live_loop :deep do
play choose([:b3,:c3]), attack: 6, release: 8
sleep 4
live_loop :synth1 do
play choose([:b4,:c4]), attack: 6, release: 6
sleep 8
live_loop :synth2 do
play choose([:b3,:c3]), attack: 6, release: 6
sleep 4
live_loop :synth3 do
play choose([:A3, :Cs4]), attack: 5, release: 5
sleep 11
live_loop :beats do
sample :ambi_choir, beat_stretch: 8, attack: 5, release: 6
sleep 9
live_loop :boom do
with_fx :reverb, room: 1 do
sample :bd_boom, amp: 20, rate: 0.5
sleep 8
live_loop :chime do
with_fx :echo, phase: 0.125 do
play 50
sleep 5
sample :elec_plip
sleep 4
play 62

It sounds like this:

lines of computer code Drupal demo

Create a temporary Drupal demo application (macOS)

By code

This is an amazingly quick way to create a fully working Drupal demo on your computer. It’s perfect for mucking about with and exploring before you take that deep dive into theme, module or software development.

Drupal Demo Requirements

  • Terminal
  • PHP 5.59+ (included with macOS)

Create a new directory for the instance and move into that directory:

mkdir drupal
cd drupal

Download the latest recommended version of Drupal into this new directory:

curl -sSL https://www.drupal.org/download-latest/tar.gz | tar -xz --strip-components=1

Start the built-in PHP web server and install the sample theme:

php core/scripts/drupal quick-start demo_umami

This will also open your browser all ready to log in.

That’s it. Easy. And of you need help then:

php core/scripts/drupal quick-start --help
Page of Code

Coding Update

By code

I’ve moved to learning JavaScript. The reasons are:

I think that’s good enough for me. Here are two free resources to learn:

And here’s some paid ones:

It’s also because I’m running a course at the end of the year using React, JS and Node and I want to up my coding game before then. D



keep on learning

Keep on Learning

By code

Not sure why, but I’ve always spent a fair wodge of my spare time teaching myself stuff. I just keep on learning new things. Currently, it’s coding. In particular: Swift and Python.

In that order.

The reasoning? If I learn Swift then I can develop apps and software for macOS, iOS etc. Apparently, this is the future.

If I learn Python, I can use it to do practically anything. In my case: plugins for Blender, weird music stuff and possibly games.

Well, that’s the plan anyway.

And here’s the courses I’ve taken so far to point me in this direction.

keep on learning

As you can see, I started off learning about a game engine. Which I shall utilise later to make a computer game for each of my children. 

Then I started with web design because I have had experience in that before. I was going to refresh my HTML / CSS / JS knowledge and then learn in-depth JavaScript because then I can make apps for anything using the Electron Platform. Which is what I want to do.

Then I remembered web design annoys me and decided to do some research into useful programming languages to learn. Javascript popped out as one of the best, but as it’s  mostly for web design I went for Mac specific language (Swift) as I have one and Python as great and simple all-rounder and could help me with my 3D / design stuff and music.

So I’m starting with Swift and macOS development as I have ideas for a bunch of tools for creative freelancers, for electronic musicians and for augmented reality artwork in geographically accurate locations.

As you do…



I like your hair.