Quick Note

Open Source Evangelist

I really like using Open Source tools. I’ve created things using a combination of Blender, Inkscape, GIMP & Krita. All my computers have Libre Office installed on them. I’ve got an Ubuntu build which I use as my backup development platform for things such as WordPress, Drupal & Python / Django.

Open Source helps fuel the internet, education, software development, agriculture, office furniture, architecture, ecology and food.

So it’s important. It’s slowly changing the world. And it’s free.

Free as in libré / freedom / do what you want with it. Means you can do what you like to them. I once made a different theme for Inkscape so it looked more professional when I was using it to show client work.

And sometimes it’s free as in cashmoney free. Which is always a bonus.

There’s a great community built around each one. I’ve made friends for life by being part of the Blender community. We’re spread all over the world and once in a while we meet up and talk about our passions and life and the tool that bought us all together. We trade tips and tricks and war stories and it makes you feel a part of something.

You are being part of the Open Source community just by using the tools, philosophies and talking about it. This is why I’m going to be using WordPress’ standard yearly theme as the theme for this Notebook blog. This is why I mock up 3D concepts in Blender. This is why I use mySQL databases over proprietary databases. This is why there’s free to use stuff on my GitHub. This is why I try and use Godot Engine first when developing games.

Give it a go. It’s liberating.