I’ve fallen into the world of podcasting and listening to radio plays whilst on my way to work or running or even chilling in the evening when everybody else has gone to bed. Some of them are excellent. Here’s the ones that I am currently listening to and can recommend:

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward / The Whisperer in Darkness

An awesome remake of some of HP Lovecraft’s greatest works imagined as a couple of paranormal experts falling into an eerie story that covers missing people, cults, Rendlesham Forest, weird buzzing noises, Government agents, memory loss, paranoia, witchcraft, conspiracy, family affairs, Summarian Gods, dead bodies, not quite dead bodies. The usual.

There’s an excellent monologue part way through where a historian explains and ties together a bunch of disparate things into a massive conspiracy theory reminiscent of the 15 minute monologue in JFK by ‘X’.

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REWORK: A Podcast by Basecamp

I’m obsessed by all things basecamp. It’s a great project planning app, they have a unique way of working that they write about. A lot. They have this excellent anarchic spirit of doing things their own damn way. A perfect role model for anybody wanting to start, build and run a good organisation.

The podcast just builds on this and has interesting interviews with different folks and how they work.

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Star Wars Minute

What’s that Duncan? A podcast where two people (plus guests) talk about ALL the Star Wars films one minute at a time? In release order?

Yes. That is correct. And it’s fascinating.

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Remi Malik (he of Mr. Robot fame) stars in this small tale of local radio DJ Simon Itani who survives a run-in with a shadowy gunman as a mysterious blackout rocks his isolated community.

It’s really quite tense listening to people slowly falling apart as their world slowly changes from the comfort they once knew.

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It’s a sci-fi story based in a broken earth in a place called Tier City in some weird future where all the resources have gone. A drone pilot receives a package her estranged father that…

…and you’ll have to listen to find out. Really good sound editing. A bunch of interesting characters. Nicely realised world.

website // Apple podcasts

The White Vault

A dark little tale about a repair team that goes to a remote artic outpost and what they find there.

Genuinely creepy horror tale done in the form of a series of findings, recordings and reports. Warning: may contain claws. Black claws. Travel is not advised.

website // Apple podcasts

Welcome to Night Vale

Night Vale is a lovely town in the American Desert where you’d love to live. As long as you didn’t mine the Secret Police and don’t look at the hooded figures in the dog park. And it’s a very safe place to live as long as you know how dangerous librarians are and don’t become an intern to the local radio station there where regular broadcasts keep us updated with the latest news (and weather) from this remarkable and lovely little town.


website // Apple Podcasts

Let me know what your favourite podcasts or recommendations are via Twitter.

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