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Courses Completed 2019 Edition

I’m a great believer in adult education. Learning should not stop once you’ve gone through school. Lifelong learning is a great way to stay current, improve oneself and to increase opportunities in life. I’ve done a bunch of online courses this year. Quite a lot of them were refreshers to make sure I still remembered […]

Exploring AI in novel writing

I found this website called talktotransformer.com that uses AI to write articles based on keywords and the first sentence. I thought it might be fun to add in the opening sentence of some of the top novels of all time to see what alternative versions might read like. Check it out.

Welcome to my Notebook

Hello! How are you? Welcome to my all-new website. I’ve got rid of everything that’s no longer relevant to me any more. There’s a whole collection of old projects that no longer represent what I do and how I feel about things. I’ve also decided that these pages from my notebook should be of use […]