Duncan McKean

Designer of Things

Designer and educator with over 10 years experience building brand identities and designing for product, screen and print. Highly effective communicator both visually and orally, adept at explaining complex ideas in simple and clear ways. Proven abilities in cross-disciplinary project management including client liaison. Results driven team player that likes his coffee hot, with no sugar.

What I Do
Skinny Feels

Skinny Feels

The noises I make when I can't sleep.

Sparkwood and 21

we make small, beautiful games.



Creativity Cards for Designers


Occasionally, I make things that people can buy. If they feel inclined.

I don’t sell directly through my website right at the moment. If you click on these products that are advertised here, you get directed to the online store where you can buy them.

I do this because the relevant sites have better security, processes and fulfilment that I can achieve at this time. And I want my service to you to be the best I can do.

Buy more stuff RIGHT HERE

I'm currently taking on select (small) projects.

If you’d like to work together or just say hello, feel free to get in touch.